There are many ways you can get involved with the FRMF. We need businesses and individuals alike to make the FRMF a success. We welcome everyone's support and together we are making great things happen.

  • Spreading the Word; The absolute easiest way to support the FRMF. Letting everyone know about our organization and spreading the word through word of mouth and our page on facebook. The more people that know about the FRMF the more people will get involved.


  • Support our Sponsors Business; sponsors are a large part of the FRMF. We encourage everyone to do business with our sponsors first as they have shown they care about the riding  community and their families. Let them know you appreciate their support of the FRMF. Merchandise Buying and wearing the FRMF shirts, patches, and hats will let everyone know you support the FRMF while helping us raise money for the families that need it. It also helps spread the word about the FRMF and builds community support.

  • Dontations; Donations are a very real way to help the FRMF . This is a very real way to directly impact a local family in their time of need ,and helps us grow the organization so we can cover more riders in our other states.

  • Event Volunteers; Each event takes a tremendous amount of man power to make happen. You can help provide this and your help is always welcome. Please contact us today if you are interested in volunteering for an event.

  • County representatives; Requiring a little more time than event volunteers county representatives will help with gathering data on accident investigations and aid in planning and running events. County representatives are eligible to replace board members when vacancies open up.

  • Board Members; This is the heart of it all. Board members volunteer their time to plan events, run events, plan the yearly activites and keep the FRMF running. They are also responsible for distributions to families and promoting the FRMF in a positive light.

Hi Chris,

Can't thank you & your org. members enough for what your doing.  Please pass my sincere gratitude along to anyone that I may not have had a chance to talk / thank personally. 

 You will have to excuse me for not getting in the mix much yesterday. I wasn't much for socializing yet as I still had a lot of soul searching to do yesterday  & really needed some time alone on my bike.

You guys really don't know how much you really did for my nephew .   That will be a lifetime  memory for him.   You showed him that there are good people out there outside our immediate family/friends that really CARE about what hes dealing with right now.

He called me late last night to ask me to thank you all again.  That was the 1st time I've talked to him on the phone since this accident where he has sounded happy & upbeat.
He told me to tell you he is sorry he didn't say much as he was getting very emotional about the whole ordeal at the moment & didn't want to break down in front of a group / TV camera by trying to talk.

 Fallen Riders also gave me al reason /cause to saddle up again too.  That was the 1st. ride I've taken since this happened.  For me, that ride & future rides with your group will always be in memory of him.   That ride yesterday gave me that personal kind of special closure I really needed that I would not have got at his funeral tomorrow.   Thank you!

My brother rode a 2008 Yamaha Raider.  They're a new model  / 113 C.I. V-twin factory custom cruiser with a fatty rear tire & sweeper pipes.  Sweet / strong / good look-n & handling ride.  He had a hard time kick-n my butt off his bike once I got on it.   The last time I saw / spent time with my brother was a country ride with him & my son.

  I'd be more than glad to help out /get more involved in your orgs cause in any way I can, so let me know.

Thanks again from all my family,

Walt Gunter

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